Celonis Intelligence API

This documentation describes how to interact with the Celonis Intelligence REST API.

The base URL for the Celonis API is https://<team>.<cluster>.celonis.cloud/intelligence/api

To find the team and the cluster, please check the URL you use to access the Celonis EMS and retrieve the team and cluster from it.

For example, the base URL for dev team in US-2 cluster would be:

The Celonis Intelligence API is a JSON API and its endpoints will always return a JSON response, no matter the success of the request.


The Intelligence API allow customers to embed actionable intelligence into third-party platforms where end-users may benefit from Celonis Intelligence insights. In this manner, we would bring Celonis intelligence closer to our end-users and benefit operational users without current access to Celonis by providing valuable insights for better decision-making while executing their day-to-day activities.

The current API methods allow consumers to interact with Knowledge Models defined in the EMS by providing the following functionalities:

  • List of available Knowledge Models and their details
  • List of records and their details
  • List of filters
  • Data for a specific record.

Further Considerations

  • In order to have access to a specific Knowledge Model and its contents, the Knowledge Model must be published in the EMS.
  • The returned data corresponds to the last published version of the Knowledge Model.


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