Exploring the schema endpoints

This can be considered Part II of the Getting Started page. If you haven't read it yet, we strongly recommend you to do it.

In this tutorial we will guide you through the different schema endpoints that the Intelligence API has.

List of Knowledge Models

As we saw in the Getting Started page, we can get the full list of Knowledge Models that we have access to, creating a request to https://<team>.<cluster>.celonis.cloud/intelligence/api/knowledge-models (remember that you need to replace <team> and <cluster> with your owns).

Knowledge Models response

List of Knowledge Model Filters

You can get the full list of filters that a Knowledge Model has, creating a request to https://<team>.<cluster>.celonis.cloud/intelligence/api/knowledge-models/<km_id>/filters. For this URL, you will need to replace the <km_id> with the Knowledge Model id that you got from the previous endpoint.

Knowledge Models filters

List of Knowledge Model Records

Similar to filters, you can also get the Records for a given Knowledge Model. To do this, simply append /<km_id>/records to the URL we used to get the full list of Knowledge Models, i.e. https://<team>.<cluster>.celonis.cloud/intelligence/api/knowledge-models/<km_id>/records.

Knowledge Models records

List of Record fields

Finally, you can get a list of all the fields that can be consumed for a Record, by appending the id of the record that you got in the previous endpoint, i.e. https://<team>.<cluster>.celonis.cloud/intelligence/api/knowledge-models/<km_id>/records/<record_id>. This list contains Attributes, Augmented Attributes and Flags.

Knowledge Models fields

In the next tutorial we will look into how to consume the data for a record.