Scripted Installation

Celonis Process Management can be initially installed by using a PowerShell script.


  • Please download the installation script (Install.ps1) and the configuration file (param
  • eters.json) on the following internet site:
  • Please check if you have access to the Celonis Process Management download file or download the installation data before.
  • Copy the installation script and parameter file into a local directory. For example C:\CelonisInstall
  • Open PowerShell as Admin Please open the PowerShell environment (64 Bit) with administrator rights. Please go into the script directory: (C:\CelonisInstall)

Note: Please make sure that PowerShell can run scripts.

Adjust Parameter.json

Please open the Parameter.json with a text editor and adjust the contained parameters.

Parameter Example Description
Celonis Process Management - allgemein
SourcePath The path to the installation files. Can be an URL to the installation package, a path to the local installation package or a path to a local folder containing the already extracted installation package.
BaseTargetPath C:\\SymbioWeb\\Test Target directory for the Celonis Process Management application. Please note the double backslashes.
BaseBackupPath C:\\Backups Compressed backups of an instance are stored in this directory.
InstanceName SymbioTest The name of the Celonis Process Management instance. This name is used as a subfolder in the backup and destination path.
CertificatesPath C:\\Certificates The path to the SAML certificates. These are copied into the App_Data directory.
LicenseKey 12345678 The license key for Celonis Process Management will be provided by our team.This license key will be added to the registry. Please also refer to server settings/license key chapter.
Celonis Process Management - Web.config
SYMBIO_STORAGE_SETTINGS Database=Database;Server=MSSQLSERVER;Integrated Security=true;common.cachingenabled=true;common.objectcachingenabled=true;common.tenant=Default;MultipleActiveResultSets=True;App=Symbio This is the connection string of the MS SQL Server.Please adjust database name and SQL server accordingly.if you do not know the server name, please use the following SQL query: SELECT @@SERVERNAME
Symbio.RestrictRelease WorkflowDatabase NameRegex ^sandbox- In databases beginning with "sandbox-" no release cycle is available, so called FreeDBs. This setting is disabled in the Web.config as per default.
PngRenderingServiceEndpunktUrl https://localhost:1234/png This parameter is required since Celonis Process Management 1807:The endpoint for the rendering service. Enter the URL configured in the rendering service here.
Celonis Process Management – IIS settings
Enabled true If set to „false", an existing WebSite is used.
SiteName SymbioTest Name of the WebSite in IIS. Can be left blank if InstanceName is equal to SiteName
ManagedRuntimeVersion v4.0 .NET Framework version which the application pool will use
IdentityType 3 The application pool needs to run unter specific user account.
ApplicationName Optional setting.
ApplicationPoolName SymbioTest Name of application pool. Should be identical named like the Celonis Process Management WebSite.
ApplicationPoolUser User User account which the application popl uses. Please use duplicate backslashes if domain is required., e.g. domain\user.
ApplicationPoolPassword Password Password of the user account. Attention This password is stored in cleartext in the Parameter.json file. You can also set the password directly in the application pool. Or just remove the password setting in the json file once the Celonis Process Management site is successsfully running.
Bindings Celonis Process Management needs specific bindings where the Celonis Process Management site is to be opened in browser.
http "Protocol": " http", "IPAddress": "*", "Port": 2111, "HostName": "SymbioTest" The default http port is 80. The host name can be "localhost" or a registered host name, such as HostName can be left blank, whoever comes with InstanceName
https "Protocol": " https", "IPAddress": "*", "Port": 2112, "HostName": "SymbioTest", "CertificateHash": "c1b10a2635ab6cda3dc536863486a7ea0af1cb17" The default https port is 443. The host name can be "localhost" or a registered host name, such as You can find the hash value for the SSL certificate in the IIS under Server Certificates. If the certificate was not found, it is possible that the first character is "corrupt". Please replace the first "corrupt" character manually in Notepad. HostName can be left blank, whoever comes with InstanceName.

Note: Please make sure the Celonis Process Management installation directory exists on your local system: e. g. "C:\Celonis Process Management\SymbioTest"

Start the installation

You can call up a detailed description of the parameters as follows:

get-help .\Install.ps1

If you do not change any parameters you can run the script using the following command:


The expected result should look like this

Powershell Installation

Verify Celonis Process Management website settings in IIS

  1. Start Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  2. Verify bindings of configured Celonis Process Management website
  3. Verify and test basic settings of configured Celonis Process Management website
  4. If Celonis Process Management website is not running, please start it (Manage Website/Start)

Continue with the installation of the required and optional Celonis Process Management services Preparation. For first steps see First Steps.